Meet the GAPrie Team

Navigating the world of Health and Safety can be a challenge, the team at GAPrie put their experiences together giving you the full package, taking care of the navigating for you. Director, Gary, was able to utilise his collaboration with WorkSafe New Zealand to ensure all products from GAPrie were fit for purpose and compliant. His lengthy career in construction is incorporated not only with EleNets, Safety Nets, PCNets but providing recognised FASET training industry-wide.

GAPrie have set themselves the goal of revolutionising the area of re-useable warehouse storage and distribution, and safety for the construction industry. The benefits of improved efficiency, more profit, and less harm whilst supporting the environment are essential for all businesses. GAPrie is a proven, trusted New Zealand brand that has the best interests of your business at the forefront of their products and services.

GAPrie team

The team at GAPrie has over 10 years’ experience providing practical safety solutions to businesses throughout Australasia.

The GAPrie Range

GAPrie stand firmly when it comes to durable high quality safety solution that benefit your business, and the environment.

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Warehouse Safety

Keep your warehouse spaces safe with durable rack netting.  Custom-fit to for any rack or shelf configuration, EleNets are the flexible and practical safety solution for your vertical storage.

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Logistics Safety

Packaging for transport and storage is unavoidable, but it no longer has to be expensive or polluting.  Join the pallet wrapping revolution by switching to the low cost, eco-friendly PC Nets range.

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Fall Arrest Safety

Whether it’s a workers or equipment, the injury and damage costs of a falling accidents is incredibly high.  Keep your workers and equipment safe on site with Fall Arrest Safety Nets.