EleNets pallet rack netting solution for improved warehouse storage
Over the years the design and function of warehouse storage been determined by a lack of space, high labor cost, and the demands of modern production methods.
Goods are no longer stored in one level only; they must be easy to access and transfer from one place to other with efficiency. Storage racking systems are the structures that answer exactly these needs.

The design of pallet rack storage is an outcome of optimisation as well as of the combination of experimental and mathematical approaches. Given the fact that every reduction of the total weight, every increase of the strength and every simplification of the installation procedure can significantly affect the integrity of the whole structure it is even more important to engage the right installation team.

Maximum rack heights are presently in the 6 to 9 metre range, with two or three elevated levels of pallets. If overseas trends follow in New Zealand, warehouse storage heights will increase and the use of safe pallet racking systems for bulk storage and distribution of goods will expand. Under existing New Zealand law, pallet racks come into the category of a “Building” and require structural assessment for permit purposes including seismic loading. All these requirements lead to the same conclusion that you need to be in the safe hands of experts ensuring quality, affordable storage for industrial and commercial environments.

We are all too aware that we live on shaky ground in New Zealand and accidents happen so taking the opportunity to reduce damage, increase productivity and ultimately the profit margin is time and money well spent. Traditional pallet racking systems are being upgraded to include the safety functionality of elasticated nets. The Elenets pallet rack netting system offered by GAPrie gives direct access to all stored goods enabling easy stock control and load flexibility, ideal for faster moving products.