As winners of the 2020 Ecopack Challenge innovation award in the UK, PCNets is taking on the world one pallet at a time. The award recognises companies that focus not only on the reduction of plastic for the environment but also the carbon emissions, searching for cutting edge, sustainable packaging solutions.
The award supports new ways of thinking on a global scale, a challenge many modern companies are looking to tackle. We should all be aware by now that sustainable packaging is good for profits as well as the planet, the worlds consumers are looking for solutions and PCNets are providing a solution.

With dramatic changes occurring in the ways we live and consume items, companies need to be more flexible and environmentally aware than ever before. The team at GAPrie pride themselves in looking for new ways to support the environment, with growing recognition on how we do things better for a greener future. In the current buy, use, and dispose society, consumers are increasingly considering sustainability and social responsibility when making purchasing decisions. Your business can effectively reduce dependence on single use plastic pallet wraps that are commonplace in our work environments.  The team at GAPrie offer real solutions with their range of PCNets pallet nets.

PCNets eco-friendly pallet wrap ecopack logo
PCNets eco-friendly pallet wrap keeping loads secure

Only 14% of the plastic packaging used globally is recycled while a massive 40% continues its life in landfills and another third ends up in our fragile eco system.

Fortunately, there are organisations and companies like GAPrie that are pioneering a new change by investing in circular packaging solutions where waste is reduced dramatically. Companies that kickstart their sustainability journey with us also succeed in unlocking significant financial benefits and competitive advantage. Staff are increasingly looking to their employers to act responsibly and prioritise sustainability, this is what the future looks like.