EWP Training

The Elevated Work Platform training courses ensure your employees understand the relevant guidelines, regulations, and codes of practice for safe operation.

Work related fatalities in construction is at its highest and it is not a title you should aim for. Many serious incidents have occurred where operators have been trapped at height on an Elevated Work Platform. Our training highlights the need to identify hazards, employ a speak up culture if bad practice is observed and how to put control measures in place.

Operating an EWP requires a user to be adequately trained and deemed competent in employing safe work practices. Having GAPrie share their eye for detail will give you confidence that each job, site, or task has been assessed for hazards, prevention is key. Understanding the legal obligations, pre check requirements and skills needed to operate and EWP safely is the aim of our trainers.

elevated work platform training course

Elevated Work Platforms (EWP) are important for working at height, but they come with their own unique risks which cannot be taken lightly.

What GAPrie EWP Training courses offer

elevated work platform training team

The team that trains together, stays together, GAPrie believe in building teams that support each other in a safe environment.

The theory behind the safe operation of the Elevated Work Platform is complemented by a series of practical exercises where your staff can apply and test their knowledge of hazards, risk management and operations skills, it’s a safe learning environment. Increased confidence of employees results in increased productivity.

The GAPrie team are experts in their field and understand the need for a safe work environment. Using all their legislation and industry knowledge to give your employees a first-class experience in practical application of skills not only meets regulation but helps cement the lessons learned. No business can afford to leave safety to chance, getting the right expertise is an investment in protection.

Why choose GAPrie for your EWP Training?


Our expert trainers understand your need for employees to be adequately trained in the standards that meets industry regulations. The team is available to advise on any training questions you have.

Risk Assessment

Risk assessment saves lives, our team leads the way in keeping your employees safe with an eye for detail, from site choice to equipment installation, lets get everyone home safe.

Hands on Experience

With a passion for the practical, GAPrie has the flexibility of premises nationwide to facilitate and lead a training designed for your team to suit any business requirements.

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