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What are PCNets?

PCNets are the specialists in safe, flexible re-useable pallet netting giving consistent pallet loading stability, it’s a game changer.

Anyone in the distribution of goods on pallets knows the cost of product loss and damage, it’s a pinch point for us all. Elasticated pallet netting provides effective load security, stops good falling off in transport, saving time and money by ensuring goods arrive at their destination undamaged.

The wrong packaging can damage products, risking rejection, profit, and reputation, making a move to PCNets is a no-brainer. Using a quality elasticated pallet wrap system enhances the likelihood that your product will arrive at its destination in good condition.

GAPrie is dedicated, through innovative product development, to support business looking for a sustainable pallet wrapping alternative.

Cost Savings for your business

The design and manufacture process is focussed on the highest quality products for our clients, with benefits that go even further.

pcnets pallet netting saves money

Consumable Savings

PCNets pallet netting has a low per-unit cost.  As PCNets are reusable, you are not constatly paying to replace them, unlike plastic wrap.

pcnets pallet netting keeps pallet loads secure

No Special Tools

PC Nets require no more than basic instruction to use.  No expensive equipment or the replacement and maintenance costs that come with it.

pcnets pallet netting are environmentally friendly

No Dumping Fees

Every plastic wrapped pallet puts your business on the hook for expensive dumping fees.  Replace your wrap-rubbish cycle with reuseable PC Nets.

Time to adopt the greener option

Be part of the solution not the pollution, PCNets offer you a breathable environmentally friendly pallet wrapping alternative.

Traditional plastic wrap has been a warehouse staple across the globe, no one likes to see that plastic in our environment. PCNets pallet netting is an easy cost-effective way to reduce the carbon footprint of your business while increasing your bottom line. Our patented systems are concentrated on your warehouse and delivery goals allowing optimal time management and reducing product and time loss.

Health and wellbeing of our environment is important but so are our employees, by using our elasticated pallet wraps you will reduce repetitive strain injuries and pallet wrapping time while producing consistent guaranteed load stability. We developed these products using our industry experience, specialising in the products we know make a difference. In our development we focussed on high-quality, long-lasting products and they need to be easy to operate, and they couldn’t be easier, it takes one person less than a minute. PCNets are the green change of the future in warehouse storage and transport of products.

100% Recycleable Materials

Polypropylene is an incredibly useful and versatile product - as long as it's not in a landfill. By utilising recycled Polypropylene, PC Nets increase its lifecycle by essentially capturing it within a reusable product.

Reducing plastic waste

So how much does it save? 1 tonne of recycled Polypropylene is equivalent to 270 square meters of landfill. Considering in New Zealand we dump a huge 252,000 tonnes of plastic waste each year, the more we can recycle the better.

Consumers want Green options

Consumers want to know their purchasing decisions have meaning. Simply switching to a recycled paper for your product label isn't enough as Eco-awareness stretches to all aspects of your manufacturing and supply chain. No business or product can be truly green when tonnes of plastic pallet wrapping is part of that chain. Switch to the greener alternative, PCNets, and meet the Eco-friendly requirements of consumers.

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