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Working at height is a well-documented risk in the construction industry. We help reduce that risk with Fall Arrest Safety Net Training for your business.

There are very real risks of working at height and employers are obligated to ensure that staff are trained on how to work safely using equipment according to manufacturers and WorkSafe best practice guidelines. It’s all good and well to implement fall arrest safety equipment but the training to use It is equally important.

Training is delivered by our industry experts, not only are they focused on compliance, but they are passionate about providing results, safer more productive kiwi workplaces. We offer flexibility in where you attend the course, we can even come to your site. GAPrie have long been experts in FASET Safety Net training with Director Gary having over 10 years’ experience.

GAPrie safety net training theory

Training is a necessary investment not only for compliance but to ensure you have provided the safest work environment possible.
FASET training provided by GAPrie is the only recognised qualification for Safety Net installation.

What GAPrie FASET courses offer

Safety Net training - FASET courses

GAPrie trainers provide the exact training required to meet the needs of your industry. Our range of courses are supported by our depth of experience.

GAPrie training provides an independent service offering advice and guidance on any aspect of Safety Netting or training requirements within the industry. Our FASET approved training course provides 2 days of education with riggers, providing knowledge on how to install safety nets correctly as required by WorkSafe NZ and Workcover Australia. We comply with health and safety as well as the code of practice for installing safety nets on constructions sites.

Riggers receive practical and theory training that will then determine if they reach the standard to rig safety nets. Once they are deemed competent your newly trained staff will be accredited for the installation of safety net systems in Australasia for 5 years. Training is a necessary investment not only for compliance but to ensure you have provided the safest work environment possible.

By the end of our course, your employees will know how to plan for and manage the safe installation of Safety Nets. We strive to go above and beyond in our training differentiating us in the constantly evolving world of construction.

Why choose GAPrie for your FASET Training?

Expert Trainers

Our trainers are enthusiastic about providing their knowledge and experience to the next generation, ensuring safe and compliant workplaces across the country. We offer you registered trainers and assessors for Safety Nets and Elevated Work Platforms.

Industry Compliance

A GAPrie training course keeps you up to date with industry standards and the latest legislation. For those businesses where working at height is a requirement, we have you covered with NZQA accredited courses.

Equipments Checks

Like all equipment there is maintenance and safety checks required. GAPrie provide full support to ensure than not only your staff are up to the task, but so is your equipment.

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