FASET Safety Net Riggers Course

Successful applicants will get a 5 year FASET card stating they have been deemed competent and familiar with the Code of Practice. 

The FASET approved training course is a 2 day course ending in an assessment in theory and practical elements that will determine if trainees are competent to rig safety nets. The trained staff is accredited for the installation of safety net systems in New Zealand . 

The course covers a wide range of associated disciplines and includes the following units: 

  • Conforming to general safety in the workplace 
  • Conforming to efficient working practices in the  workplace 
  • Moving and handling resources in the workplace 
  • Utilising provision of fall protection systems in the workplace 
  • Installing and removing safety net rigging in the workplace 


GAPrie safety net training theory

Training is a necessary investment not only for compliance but to ensure you have provided the safest work environment possible.
FASET training provided by GAPrie is the only recognised qualification for Safety Net installation.

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FASET Safety Net Repair Course

Safety Net training - FASET courses

This course provides knowledge on how to repair knotless safety nets in the line with FASET guidance  

Safety nets may be repaired by a competent person who has completed a recognised training course within the past 5 years – a recognized training course is a FASET Net Repair Training Certificate. For many years this has been the domain of manufacturers where similar, yet different techniques made it difficult for net owners to identify one approved method to repair their own nets. Manufacturers training has focused on the method of repair and not dealt with wider issues such as net examination, types and causes of damage, fleet management and record keeping. The FASET course addresses these topics. 

FASET have agreed with all manufacturers operating in the UK on one standard repair and this is what GAPRIE teaches.

Successful trainees will be able to: 

  • Understand how safety nets work and their typical applications 
  • Put together and operate a net maintenance program 
  • identify damage and carry out permanent repairs correctly 

All successful trainees will be provided with FASET Reference Notes, 5-year Attendance Certificate & FASET Registration

Course Content: 

  • Legislation and standards 
  • Parts of a safety net and the way it works 
  • Typical causes & results of damage 
  • Tagging and logging in line with standards 
  • Test (practical tuition) 
  • Assessment and feedback 

Wherever possible clients are encouraged to bring nets they own that need repairing to the course. These are then used during the training.  They should also bring manufacturers recommended repair material.

Duration: One day 

Course Fee:
Tauranga $250.00 + GST per person 

Rest of North Island $350.00 + GST per person 

South Island $400.00 + GST per person

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Why choose GAPrie for your FASET Training?

Expert Trainers

Our trainers are enthusiastic about providing their knowledge and experience to the next generation, ensuring safe and compliant workplaces across the country. We offer you registered trainers and assessors for Safety Nets and Elevated Work Platforms.

Industry Compliance

A GAPrie training course keeps you up to date with industry standards and the latest legislation. For those businesses where working at height is a requirement, we have you covered with NZQA accredited courses.

Equipments Checks

Like all equipment there is maintenance and safety checks required. GAPrie provide full support to ensure than not only your staff are up to the task, but so is your equipment.

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