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Fall arrest safety with Safety Nets

Fall arrest Safety Nets are designed to protect employees working at height and those working below.

Preventing falls from height is a priority for the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, it expects that work at height is actively managed, so people are not harmed. Doing nothing is not an option. The construction industry is one of the largest employers in New Zealand and holds the title of one of the highest proportions of injury claims. Nearly a third of serious harm accidents in the building industry come from falls or trips.

It is a health and safety requirement that employers must take all practical steps to ensure that no one is harmed while working, regardless of whether they are working at height for a short time or long time.

GAPrie Safety Nets are designed to deflect and absorb the energy of a fall so they reduce the likelihood of a person being injured. Whether you are working at height for a long time, or a good time, GAPrie Safety Nets allow employees to work at height without restricting movement and absorbing the impact of a fall.

fall arrest safety nets by GAPrie

You can’t put a cost on a life. GAPrie Safety Nets are designed to save lives, it’s that simple. Not only do we provide excellent fall arrest safety, our nets make it easy and economical.

3 Worksite fall concerns to consider

It only takes a few feet of height to greatly magnify the damage or injury sustained from a fall.
safety nets protection for falling workers

Falling Workers

The dangers of working at height is compounded by the hazardous objects and surfaces common at worksites.  Keep your workers safe from impact and impalement injuries due to worksite falls.

safety nets falling objects protection

Falling Objects

Fall arrest safety nets aren’t just for people.  Dropped tools and equipment also contribute to fall hazards on the worksite.  Safety Nets keep people safe from falling objects overhead.

safety nets equipment damage protection

Equipment Damage

While worker injury is the most talked about issue with fall hazards, the costs associated with the loss of equipment and products due to fall damage cannot be underestimated.

Safety Net Training Courses

FASET safety net training courses
Not only do we supply you the latest in fall safety protection we provide you with the training of Australasia’s only FASET approved safety trainer.

For those wanting to install, inspect and maintain Safety Nets GAPrie offers the only recognised FASET training and qualification in Australasia that complies with WorkSafe NZ, Workcover Australia and the Code of Practice for installations on constructions sites. We aim to support our clients giving them confidence in their product and services they provide. You will be supplying your trainees with professional development with a 5 year qualification for successful trainees.

Why choose GAPrie for your Fall Arrest Safety Nets?

High Quality Materials

GAPrie sources only the highest quality polypropylene with a production process that makes the Safety Nets lightweight yet robust with high energy absorption. Our materials are UV, rot and abrasion resistance, providing you with many years of service.

Industry Compliance

Our Safety Nets are fit for purpose and compliant with your health and safety requirements.

Follow-Up Service

The relationship with our clients doesn’t end once we hand over the product. We offer an annual UV and Tensile strength test to ensure your Safety Nets remain fit for purpose, re-certifying for another 12 months of safety service.

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