Health and safety guidelines aren’t something that should be feared, nor should it be subjected to the constant groans and eye-rolls. It is saving lives; it is getting loved one’s home at night to see their families, it is giving your business the ability to build a reputation as a responsible employer.

Preventing falls from height is a priority for the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment and it expects that work at height is actively managed so that people are not harmed.

If we look at construction investigations show that more than 50 percent of falls are from less than three metres and approximately 70 percent of falls are from ladders or roofs. There is absolutely a financial cost to these falls, everyone loses, the business, the health system, the individual not to mention the physical cost for the fallen.

As employers you are responsible for the adequacy of training and systems.  Embrace it and let the experts at GAPrie help you take the hard work out of it.

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Preventing falls from height with Safety Nets

Fall Arrest Systems is one of the simple solutions to creating a safer workplace. Don’t be fooled though, you can’t just throw a net up and hope for the best, it requires risk assessment, hazard identification, planning and good practice, positioning, inspections rigging techniques, the list goes on. These are most definitely not collectors’ cards from the Weetbix packets or a ‘tick box exercise’, being a competent rigger will get your mates home at the end of the day.

You wouldn’t go to the nurse for heart surgery, you want the specialist cardiac surgeon, it’s the same premise for safety nets and elevated work platforms. Seek out the experts and put the best practices in place. GAPrie provides NZQA accredited courses consisting of theory and practical elements in a 2-day FASET approved program, they are even able to offer venue flexibility so there really is no excuse to delay.

Fall Arrest Safety Training courses by GAPrie