Statistically the construction and building industry has been a major contributor to workplace accidents including falls from height.

Like all regulations there is a need to move with the times and review the learnings. The Government has announced changes with new Health and Safety regulations being developed in 2022 to provide more certainty and clarity for businesses in our “at risk” industries. There will be a particular focus on the risks associated with working at height and the fully compliant use of fall arrest safety equipment enforced.

FASET training for Health & Safety regulation changes

Construction sites are multiple-hazard zones

On average over the last 14 years, 54 people a year died at work from using machinery, equipment, and structures, that’s 79% of work-related fatalities highlighting the very real risks by international standards, we rate high on that list and that is not an award we want to win.

The existing requirements for working at height will be updated, clarified, and simplified ensuring businesses find it easier to manage the risks, being more flexible and proportionate ultimately leading to less fatalities and injuries.

The changes for the installation and use of Fall Arrest Safety Systems are significant and the team at GAPrie are fully prepared to work through the changes with you when they happen.

  • A requirement for businesses to apply a prescribed risk management process (as defined in Part 1, Health and Safety at Work (General Risk and Workplace Management) Regulations 2016) to all work at height.
  • A requirement for business to follow a hierarchy of controls for construction work; and
  • Licensing and qualifications for scaffolding construction and inspections will be modernised to reflect current industry practice.

GAPrie will be watching the public consultation on the changes closely and as always, our team are happy to answer questions if you are unsure how you might be affected.