They say money equals happiness but saving money, now that exceeds happiness and makes for happy accounting!
Business and money, aka accounting, can get technical and someone always wants to empty your wallet. When it comes to implementing a new process or equipment that requires an out of the ordinary purchase, we often use the complicator and it gets all too hard.

Let us keep it simple for you, is it an expense or an investment?

If it doesn’t save you money or doesn’t make you money, then it’s an expense, therefore its alter ego is the investment. It’s a cup half full scenario for us. Our Safety Net systems whether they be for people or product protection is clearly the latter. It doesn’t just save you money, it saves you lots of money, and lives which is priceless.

We don’t just throw this concept around lightly; we have the numbers that will make the accountant smile. With PCNets reusable pallet containment, you can save up to $200,000 in 5 years if you are wrapping 100 pallets a day. Not to mention the loss of product and reputation costs that you can stop leaking, hello return on investment.

No more falling object incidents, health and safety reports, lost time, and production, it’s just a headache you can avoid with an EleNets warehouse racking system, streamline your warehouse and bingo, return on investment.

The cream on top of the Construction sundae is the Safety Nets, you can’t put a price on getting everyone home safe and let’s face it, we all need to comply with WorkSafe NZ so take a deep breath and take to our experts about fall arrest safety nets and the training expert GAPrie training.

Its not rocket science and it’s necessary, we are here to help you save money.